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All Across The World Lyrics - Silverchair

All Across the World Lyrics

Artist: Silverchair

Underneath the shelf cracks appear in thick enamel
In this lapse, excuse for wasting time
I wait for signals, shooting stars
I'd scrape through every branch
'Cause I need to come down

Underneath the home I lived in
I was a page in someone's book
And no one asked me why
The page was fifteen stories high
I'm underneath that home wondering why

All across the world
There are things we need to forget and forgive
Sometimes we have to try and shed the damage we don't need
Oh, Justice, shake your head
I'm wasting my time

We can break this drought
Wanna tell ya I love ya, I need ya in the night
Sometimes I get so full
I wanna tell ya I'm feeling all right
I'm shaken to the bone
And on my way home

Adjust an omen at the door
Singing, baby, won't you please get a hold without it
And while you sit there on the phone, tell me, baby
I'm a liar; you don't seem to care what I care about
And, baby, it's a shame
To be wasted


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All Across the World

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Artist Silverchair

Album Young Modern

Release Date March 30, 2007

Genre Rock Alternative Alternative Rock Australian Favorites

℗ 2007 Silverchair Recordings P/L Under License To Eleven: A Music Company P/L

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