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Hollywood Lyrics - Jonas Brothers

Hollywood Lyrics

"Hollywood" Lyrics by Jonas Brothers - Hollywood Lyrics Artist: Jonas Brothers - As time was tickingWe were winningAnd it all was going as plannedPoli…

Hollywood Lyrics

Artist: Jonas Brothers

As time was ticking
We were winning
And it all was going as planned
Politicians stand between the lines of making headlines
Street signs saying you're going the wrong way
Fading faster now

You can try to break us
And make us fall apart
But the fires in our hearts
Reminisce on memories
Cause were gone
Don't forget to
Hold back your thoughts
And live like robots
Because you all know what goes on
Reminisce on memories cause were gone
Were gone so gone

Fallen soldiers all around us
But we're still standing strong
Barely seeing, contradicting
Cause now were making
Headlines prime time saying what a story
Billboards packed tours
Don't forget


Game over
You're done
Outer left field
We won
Pack our bags
Yeah we'll run
Hollywood here we come

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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Hollywood Lyrics

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Artist Jonas Brothers

Album Jonas Brothers

Release Date August 03, 2007

Genre Pop Pop Rock Rock Male Vocalists

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