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Straight Lines Lyrics - Silverchair

Straight Lines Lyrics

Artist: Silverchair

Breathing from a hole in my lung
I had no one
With faces in front of me
Racing through the void in my head
To find traces
Of a good luck academy

Sparks ignite and trade them for thought
About no one
And nothing in particular
Washed the sickened socket and drove
Resent nothing
There's good will inside of me

Wake me up, lower the fever
Walking in a straight line
Set me on fire in the evening
Everything will be fine
Wake me up strong in the morning
Walking in a straight line
Lately, I'm a desperate believer
But walking in a straight line

Something I will never forget
I felt desperate
And stuck to the marrow
Invisible to everyone else
I'm a sex-change
And a damsel with no heroine


I don't need no time to say
There's no changing yesterday
If we keep talking and
I keep walking in straight lines


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Straight Lines

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Artist Silverchair

Album Young Modern

Release Date March 30, 2007

Genre Rock Alternative Rock Australian Alternative

℗ 2007 Silverchair Recordings P/L Under License To Eleven: A Music Company P/L

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