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Waiting All Day Lyrics - Silverchair

Waiting All Day Lyrics

Artist: Silverchair

I took advantage
Of a straight believing town
That tore the bandage
And said, look who's bleeding now
Are you listening, or are you faithless like the others?

Long days are almost here
Faded signs for you
I'll been waiting all day
I've been waiting all year
For you, it's true

He's been beaten
Might have brought it on himself
So he stopped reading
Every book on mental health
But all's not lost in this tangle like no other


Take this dose and go
Whiskey warm September
The faded sign will show
That he still remembers


Waiting all day
Waiting all year

I'll be waiting all day
I'll be waiting all year

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Waiting All Day

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Artist Silverchair

Album Young Modern

Release Date March 30, 2007

Genre Rock Australian Pop Alternative Rock Grunge

℗ 2007 Silverchair Recordings P/L Under License To Eleven: A Music Company P/L

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